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Kits & Bundles

Brasil Cacau Cadiveu Sulfate Free Brazilian Cocoa Home Care Set Dhs. 154.35 Dhs. 192.94
Brasil Cacau CadivieuSulfate Free Brazilian Cocoa kit Dhs. 236.25 Dhs. 315.00
Wone Floractive WOne Home Care Shampoo and Conditioner - 300 ml Dhs. 126.00 Dhs. 157.50
Vitta Gold Vitta Gold Nanoplex Arginina Home Care Set Dhs. 131.25 Dhs. 178.50
Herbal Essence Herbal Essence Sulfate Free Range Dhs. 115.50 Dhs. 157.50
Caviar Caviar Fashion Hair Set Dhs. 262.50 Dhs. 315.00
Keratin Keratin Smoothing and Moisturizing Set Dhs. 115.50 Dhs. 157.50


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