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Ring Light Photo LED Lighting with Adjustable Tripod RL-6700

Ring Light is ring-shaped LED lamp, ideal for professional makeup artists. It is must have staple, when it comes to interviews, tutorials and all types of video recordings, where the accent is on one person and her/his face. It has wide usage in macro photography.

This LED lamp can be used individually or mounted onto holder. It has extreme intensity of light and it can be used in completely dark rooms. During taking photographs, ring light position can be altered in all directions. Color can be adjusted ranging from warm to cool tones.


  • Dimming Knob: adjust the brightness of light
  • Color temperature Adjusting Knob: adjust the color temperature of light
  • Fixing Slot: fix mobile phone bracket or makeup mirror
  • Power Switch: switch on/off the light
  • Tightening Screw Knob and Tightening Handle: It is used to fasten the ring photography light to the light holder and fix the lighting angle of the ring photography light
  • Mobile Phone Bracket (spring hose and mobile phone clip)
  • Power adapter
  • Number of LEDs: 400W
  • Total Power of LEDs: 40W
  • Voltage DC: 24V


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