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Disposable Compressed Facial Sponge Stick 1x12 - DSF2240

Disposable Tissue Sponge Material: 100% Viscose Rayon, 100% Biodegradable, Non Alcoholic (without alcohol), Refreshing Fragrance

Available Colors: Blue and Pink

Out of stock: Yellow

  • Disposable Compressed Candy Stick Tissues are designed for convenient and easy way to carry and keep yourself hygienically clean, safe and protected from germs. Candy Stick Tissues are made from 100% Natural Material (Rayon) and lovingly made in India
  • Tissue Napkins are compressed and when dipped into water, they magically turn into real size of napkins. These Tissues have a unique refreshing fragrance which can only be experienced by using
  • Features: Soft touch, Comfortable and Eco-friendly, Super Absorbent, Lint-proof, Natural & Bio-Degradable, 100% Natural, Harmless to Skin
  • Applications: Sponge Tissues are totally hygienic and that is why it becomes the best solution for hand cleaning in places where hygiene and health are matter of prime importance. Places like hotels, schools, day-care centers, restaurants are some of the places where Sponge Tissues are normally used. These tissues can be used right from beauty salons, hotels, health clubs to restaurants; you can see Sponge Tissues being used just about everywhere, these tissues can be used by one and everyone.


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