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UV Sterilizer for Tools and Accessories BS-1080

UV sterilizer designed for sterilization of hairdressing and cosmetic tools and accessories.

The object is sterilized on the principle of emitting UV light, using a germicidal UV lamp.

By testing a germicidal UV lamp at the Department of Ecotoxicological Testing, Institute for Occupational Safety, its germicidal effect was confirmed.

It is applied exclusively for the sterilization of objects that do not come into contact with blood and other body fluids.

Before the sterilization procedure in the UV sterilizer, the subject of sterilization needs to be cleaned and then disinfected with alcohol or other disinfectant.


  • Time required for sterilization: 30-45 minutes
  • External dimensions of the unit: 240 x 400 x 205 mm
  • Length of the sterilization drawer: 305 mm
  • Width of sterilization drawer: 85 - 185 mm
  • Height of the sterilization drawer: 98 mm

UV Sterilizer BS-1080 can sterilize the following items:


  • Hairdressing tools and accessories: brushes, combs, whirlers, haircuts, clips and similar objects
  • Cosmetic accessories: nail files, tweezers, nail scissors, nail cangles and similar objects

Operating mode: AC 230V, 50Hz, 10W



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