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Plastica Dos Fios


Cadiveu Plastica Dos Fios Hair Smoothing Home Care Set 300ml

PLASTICA DOS FIOS HAIR SMOOTHING SET: Our exclusive treatment line with arginine and acai, paraben free. Its action prolongs the absolute smoothing effect, as well as promoting shiny hair strands, deep nourishment and an antioxidant power.

1. Cadiveu Plastica Dos Fios Smoothing Shampoo 300ML A

Gently cleanses the hair while reducing frizz. Doesn’t dry the hair out. Paraben free. Result: Silky and shiny hair.  

2. Cadiveu Plastica Dos Fios Smoothing Conditioner 300ML B

The Plastica Dos Fios Smoothing Conditioner helps in the elimination of frizz from hair, and increases the smoothing effect of the professional smoothing treatment of Plastica Dos Fios.Promotes deep hydration. Taming of the hair strands.  


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