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Plastica Dos Fios


Cadiveu Plastica Dos fios Instant Care Reconstructive Mask 200ml

Plastica Dos Fios Repair mask repairs the damage and has a powerful nutritious effect on the hair. Keep the magic alive with this marvelous treatment mask. It is good for voluminous and frizzy hair. Intense nourishment. Extreme shine. Strengthens the hair strands.

.القناع المرطّب هو من أهم ما يجب عليك استخدامه كل إسبوع للحفاظ على نتائج علاج البروتين .

هذا القناع الذي يرطّب الشعر بعمق يعمل على إزالة المسامية والستاتيكية من الشعر ويغلق البصيلات للمعان أكثر مع حماية كبيرة من تقصّف أطراف الشعر.

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Its exclusive formula contains Arginine and Acai

Tips for Application

After washing your hair with the Plastica Dos Fios Smoothing Shampoo, divide your hair in strands and apply the mask. If your hair tends to be dry, apply in full length of hair, if your hair tends to be greasy, apply from middle to ends. After applying, let the mask act for a couple of minutes and rinse with abundant water.

For greasy hair apply mask once every 15 days.

For dry hair apply mask once a week.


Shiny and silky hair with a natural smooth effect.


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