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Brasil Cacau


Cadiveu Brasil Cacau The Keratin Express - 900ML

The New Concept of Keratin Treatment GET Smooth, Silky and Shiny Hair in Just 1 Step

Very fast service to get smooth and shiny hair.

  • For customers wishing A more natural smoothing effect.
  • As a Maintenance service Between keratin treatments
  • For Customers Wishing To gradually stop making keratin treatments
  • It can be used for different results depending on the amount of heat applied toh the hair with the iron : The More heat, the smoother will be the results

    How to Use

    • With clean wet hair, apply approximately 50 ml of The Keratin Express on the strands. 
    • Massage the hair in a circular movement until you get a thick, dense foam. 
    • Do not rub the scalp.
    • Leave it on for 20 to 50 minutes and rinse a lot. 
    • The time varies according to the type of hair, the more frizzy, the longer the time should be.
    • With a hairdryer, dry the hair 100%. 
    • Divide the hairs into thin strands and iron them from the root to tip, 8 to 12 times at a temperature of 400  degree F to 480 degree F.


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