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Brasil Cacau

Cadiveu Brasil Cacau After Care Home Kit

To Ensure long lasting Smooth Hair:

Cadiveu Brasil Cacau After Care Anti Frizz Shampoo (A)

Anti-frizz shampoo that gently cleanses hair and provides a healthy gloss.

Cadiveu Brasil Cacau After Care Anti Frizz Conditioner (B)

Anti-frizz conditioner promotes a smoother and shinier look while reducing frizz.

Cadiveu Brasil Cacau Primer 110 ml

Anti-frizz: Forms a protective film that seals the cuticle.

Cadiveu Brasil Cacau Hydrating Hair Complex 200 ml

Restoring hair mask eliminates porosity and reduces the tendency of causing split ends.

Cadiveu Brasil Cacau Shine Serum 65 ml

Frizz and static reduction for more manageable hair that is easier to style

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