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Brasil Cacau


Cadiveu Brasil Cacau Brazilian Thermal Reconstruction Step2 - 1000ml

The Keratin Number One In The World. Smooth Effect And Hair Strengthening. Keratin, Cocoa And D-Panthenol. Offers Natural Smooth Effect And Leaves Hair Shining And Frizz-Free. Natural Looking Results, Smoother, Stronger, Shinier Hair Without Frizz.

What Is It? Anti-Frizz Treatment System.  Recommendation: Wavy Or Curly Hair, With Or Without The Use Of Chemicals.  Result: Eliminates Frizz And Gives You A Smooth Feeling. Main Ingredients: Keratin + Cocoa + D-Panthenol.  How It Works: Brasil Cacau Keratin Acts Through The Mixture Of Acid Ph Ingredients, That When Combined With The Heat Of The Iron, Straightens The Hair For Up To 6 Months.


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