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Black Professional

Black Super Blond Bleaching Powder Sachets 30 gr

Super Blonde is a blue bleaching powder in sachets. It is non-volatile, with a delicate scent and intensive lightening action. Used in combination with emulsified hydrogen peroxide – 20, 30 and 40-volume – to provides effective, progressive bleaching, up to 6 tones. Thanks to the powder’s texture and lightening properties, it allows for the creation of the most fashionable looks (highlights, sun-kissed hair, bleaching) on all hair types, without any damage.

Double single-serving bag 30 g + 30 g



  • Non-volatile, ideal for all hair types
  • Advanced lightening properties
  • In powder form, for more intense bleached looks



  • Suitable for all bleaching techniques
  • Lightens up to 6 tones
  • Does not damage hair structure


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