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Black Professional


Black Sintesis Color Cream New York Grey GL-C13

Black Professional is always on the lookout for new trends, taking inspiration from style innovations on the red carpet and at international fashion shows. And thus Glam Colors was born, a special series of 13 on-trend shades from Sintesis colourings cream. Gentle restoration and strong personality, to allow the fashion-conscious woman to show off a bold new look, in keeping with the style experimentationthat is currently in vogue. The Glam Colours series must be applied to light hair (either natural or bleached) with a tone level of 9-10.


  • Permanent cosmetic colouring.
  • Creamy texture, for even distribution and easy application
  • Hi-tech formula for intense, deep pigmentation


  • Advanced white hair coverage
  • On-trend colouring, with glamorous and chic shades
  • Maximum highlight accuracy


  • With 20 vol. oxidising emulsion 1:1 ratio


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