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Black Professional


Black Hair Toner Maroon Glace 250g

Toneris a colouring conditioner formulated to intensify, nourish and brighten hair colour. The treatment accentuates highlights in just 10 minutes, using micro-pigments that penetrate deep into the hair structure, coating the hair shaft with a film that does not affect the primary colour of the hair. Practical and easy to use, Black Professional conditioner is also gentle; its carefully designed formula is free from ammonia, hydrogen peroxide and sulphates, making it suitable for sensitive scalps. The 9 shades available restore the hair colour's character between one colouring session and the next.

250 ml size

9 shades available



  • Advanced formula, suitable for natural and treated hair
  • Rapid-action treatment (leave on for 10 minutes)
  • Free from ammonia, hydrogen peroxide and sulphates



  • Nourishes the hair fibre
  • Brightens and intensifies hair colour
  • Revives highlights between one colouring session and the next


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